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Formulated For Her

While our products are generally completely gender neutral, we recently introduced a product we fondly call “Formulated For Her.” This topical balm was created in collaboration with CBD MOVE FREE in an effort to ease sore muscles, achy joints, and menstrual cramps. Proudly crafted to support women’s wellbeing, this CBD MOVE FREE balm is filled with ultra-premium Natural Absolute hemp oil from the San Benito Hemp Company.

Our product stands out among competitors because it’s cultivated with the utmost care, never including synthetic purifiers, isolates, or distillates any time in the process. Since our oils aren’t diluted, they are highly effective. When you use Formulated For Her, you’ll feel relief within 15 minutes of application.

Due to the high concentration of CBD in Formulated For Her, it's important to follow the directions closely when applying. A great tip to avoid using more than the recommended amount is to gently massage the affected area to increase blood flow and release muscle tension. (Our regular Natural Absolute CBD oil is great for massages, too!) Before using Formulated For Her, we recommend talking to your doctor about possible medication interactions. Topical balms cause CBD to interact with natural receptors in our body called CB1 and CB2, which relieve pain more rapidly. Learn more about CB1 and CB2 receptors here (link to blog).

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