We’re committed to improving wellness and quality of life for our customers and community by stewarding superior holistic and natural product qualities that are similar to what conscious consumers have come to expect in their organic food or fine wine.


Our portfolio of San Benito products utilizes whole plant intelligence from hemp cultivated with sustainable principals. Our products are formulated with our ultra-premium Natural Absolute San Benito whole spectrum CBD oil that we nurture from seed to oil to ensure purity, potency, and consistency.



Terroir is ‘essence of place’. Terroir is the collective soil, topography, and climate that is expressed through a hemp cultivar’s unique composition, aroma, and flavor. In the spirit of terroir, we work with local farms to nurture plants that thrive in the Mediterranean micro-climate of San Benito County. Our hemp is cultivated in verified organic, nutrient-rich soil, under the California sun. Our hemp is meticulously and specifically cultivated for the production of high-quality Absolute grade oils and extracts.


Transparency, minimal handling and minimal processing plants, oils, and products are a core pillar of our business. By maintaining the fullest natural expression of our locally grown San Benito hemp, we are able to offer a terroir specific, consistent and dependable supply of high-quality California grown and made hemp products. We tag, track, trace, and catalogue every step, and are able to provide chain of custody documentation to our clients, ensuring quality and Absolute San Benito standards.


We Serve the Land


We respect the plant, serve the land, and collaborate with our local community to produce the best Absolute hemp products on the market. San Benito county is known for rich and fertile soil and a coastal Mediterranean micro-climate, a truly special environment for cultivating sungrown California hemp. We work diligently to ensure the highest possible output and product efficacy.



Sustainable full-season cultivation and family-owned local farms

Natural Absolute fresh-pressed extraction to capture whole spectrum plant profiles

Our products are formulated with the necessary effective levels of Natural Absolute CBD oil 

Craft production and manufacturing for the highest quality product



Industrialized and indoor cultivation

Hydrocarbons and volatile extraction methods

Distillate and isolate, overprocessed oils

Artificial flavors, corn syrup and any unhealthy, non-natural ingredients